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indenim brand based in Uzbekistan, is a sub branch of indenim group of companies.
Brand name formed from the words "IN" and "DENIM" - 'in the world of jeans', which signals that activity with which our founders started - selling jeans.
indenim is now positioned as a modern bazaar, providing stylish and quality clothing in wide assortments at lowest prices.
indenim is now a fashion retailer with its 40+ stores across Uzbekistan and expanding abroad. As an contemporary urban lifestyle brand , indenim owns a wide range of products in; Women, Men, Girls, Boys, Infant segments with accessory categories, covering all age groups.



Located in Uzbekistan; ZIF Textile has 9 factories around 30,000 m2 closed area across the entire country with wide Yarn and Garment production spectrum , from Non-Denim to Denim Product categories, fullfilling your orders; with ontime Production and Delivery promise.

With The newest Technology Machinery and setup, ZIF Textile has strong Plants in 7 different Locations through Uzbekistan, all serviced and managed from main Factory in Termez. Being in the heart of the popular cotton fabric source of Uzbekistan, the capacity of production has already reached 10,000,000 units/year and company became one of the leaders of the Textile Industry in CIS and Central Asia Region.

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